Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top 25 annoying Army Deployment Questions and Comments

Rakkasan  Deployment 2007
Booger 11, Bubble7, Beeda 5
     This morning I was reading a post over at Caffeinated Catholic Mama of how people have lost all sense of personal-space and privacy, either because of our over sharing techno culture or maybe just a general lack of manners. She gives her wonderful list of Top annoying and prying questions from absolute strangers, Here.
Mid-tour leave Deployment 2000
 Booger 4yrs, Bubble 2weeks
     While writing in her comments I was thinking that for me, being such a Counter-Culture Mama, the lists of random rude questions and offending comments from those that it just does not concern, could go on and infinitum. So, I thought for fun, I would make a small project out of several lists of obscenely annoying Questions and Comments that I have gotten from strangers, all neatly compiled into categories. :)
     What follows is a list of my TOP 25 way too personal, yet oh so popular questions and all to common comments, that I have received during my husband's Deployments.
    Beeda's Birth
  1. Oh, is your Husband Deployed ?
  2. Do you Miss Him ?
  3. Is it Hard ?
  4. Will they send Him home for the Birth ?
  5. Is it your Husband's Baby or Jody's ?
  6. Does your Husband know you're pregnant ?
  7. Do you know who the Father is ?
  8. What will you do / How will you have a Baby by yourself ?
  9. Why do you have / keep having kids if he is gonna be gone so much ?
  10. Your children are so young, If he gets killed, they won't remember him.
  11. Why do you have kids when, He could get killed anytime ?
  12. Your so Lucky you live off the government, the rest of us have to work.
  13. If you didn't live off the government you wouldn't be able to afford all those kids.
  14. Maybe your husband will die and you'll get all that money.
  15. You should take out some more insurance on your husband, because he has a good chance of being killed.
  16. But, just think of all that extra money at Tax time.
  17. I don't know how you could do that, I could never let my Husband do that.
  18. (My Sister-in-laws fave way of relating to me)...I know just how you feel, my Husband was out of Town, on the road, for two weeks last month !
  19. How can you be Faithful for 15 months ?
     Deployment 2003
     Bubble 2yrs
    Deployment 2003
    Beeda 1yr
  21. Do you worry about your Husband cheating on you ?
  22. You don't think your Husband will wait a whole year do you ?
  23. Don't you all just sleep around with each others Husbands anyway ?
  24. So, has your Husband Killed anybody yet ?
  25. You could have gotten out / why would he stay in / It's his fault he is Deploying / So he's getting out after this right ?
  26. ... Using up my time by going on a long rant about how you feel about the war and whether or not we should be "Over-There"
                        ....and the  ***** Extra Credit Bonus*****
                 So Wow, it is Just like Army Wives on The    T.V. Show

More Top Lists to Come
Our Wounded Warrior comes Home 2008


  1. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie and writing while NAK! I can't tell you how thankful I am to your family and all families like yours for defending our country. And I have to admit... the last pic of your wounded husband got me all choked up!

  2. Such a great post! You are such a great mom and wife!

  3. Wow. :( Some people seriously need a smack (or two) upside the head!