Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Bums Cloth Diaper Hawaiian Stroller Blanket Give-Away !

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cloth Diapers

I hardly know where to start! I started Cloth diapering K-Bug after she was born in October 2010 ( about the time that Mama Clementine disappeared from the Internet ;) Running a household with 4 children , one being a high-needs baby while moving to an Island in the Pacific doesn't leave much time to muse on the Blog, Especially if that One has found a New Passion!
Beach Bums OS pocket Diaper

 Cloth Diapers !  Which I am Now Hand-Making at Beach Bums Cloth Diapers which are Made in Hawaii with Aloha! 
First off these Diapers aren't the old leaky, rash inducing, stab your baby with a safety-pin while wrestling them into a diaper, kind of Cloth Diaper.  ( Though those Diapers are still available and make for an extremely Economical way of Diapering a baby, they are the same Flat Diapers  orPre-Fold, But  rarely are pins used any more but, a wonderful device called a Snappi.
 No, Cloth Diapers are Super Cute and Stylish! They are Water-proof , nearly Leak-proof ( after Diapering 4 babies I can personally vouch that in the leak department cloth Wins hands-down and to this day I have only ever had One Blow out in cloth , whereas with disposable it was all too common! ) , and simple enough that my 9 yr-old can easily change a diaper if she has too.

Beach Bum Lg. Pocket Diaper
 The Modern cloth diaper IS:

(1)   Super Economical: 
 think about the Average cost of Cloth Diapering a Baby From Birth-to-Potty-training Averages about $350! Just compare that to the $2,400.oo that is the Average of Disposable Diapering!

(2)  Good for the Environment :
 The one-time cost of matufacturing of say about 40 Cloth diapers made of mostly Cottons, Bamboo, Hemp and Fleece have a very low environmental impact when compared against the Manufacture of the 4,000 Diapers Disposable Diapers, which are made of Mostly Petroleum Products and other Unknown Ingredients that manufacturers Won"t disclose or toxic ingredients , needed to Diaper a baby. 
        Some of the Ecological Un-Soundness of Disposables :
"Disposable diapers make up at least 15% of municipal solid waste after recyclables and yard waste are removed."  

"They represent the 3rd largest single item (after newspapers and beverage and food containers) in the municipal solid waste stream."

"It takes 440 to 880 pounds of fluff pulp and 286 pounds of plastic (including packaging) per year to supply one baby with disposable diapers." ( and Plastic is Just another word for Petroleum Product)

"Single-use diapers use 37% more water than home laundered or diapers service laundered re-usables."

Disposables appear to produce less sewage because in them, human waste goes to the dump.
(This practice violates World Health Organization guide-lines and is technically illegal in both the U.S. and Canada )
Another consideration is that the wastewater from washing cloth diapers is relatively benign,while the wastewater from pulp, paper and plastics contain "solvents, sludge, heavy metals, unreacted polymers, dioxins and furans.
The potential environmental impacts of the disposal of these materials are considerable".

 * Looking for a  Wealth of Facts on Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers? Check out : The Real Diaper assocation

(3)  Healthier For Baby:
Less Diaper Rash!  While Diaper rash is common with Disposables (71%)
 Only (5%) of Babies Diapered In Cloth will have Rashes :) 
No Chemicals, No Toxic Ingredients, sitting next to Babies skin, our bodies largest organ.

Bug in a Christmas Ooga-Booga  Beach Bum Pocket

Mama Clems military moving guide
As a tune of Janis Joplin's float though my head and I change the lyrics to fit my needs...
Summer- time- time - time and child the movings Easy/
We are PCSing, PCSin out/
and the boxes, Lord, the boxes are stacking High/
Lord, so high.
This is our 12 move of my 12 year marriage! ( not counting the months between houses spent in hotel rooms, while waiting for housing.)

While Hawaii is nice and I feel I could vacation there with little more than a bathing suit and a toothbrush, the idea of living in a hotel with 4 kids for, who only knows how long, ( current wait list says the average wait it 365 days!?!)

There are a few Tips of the Trade, that I would like to share

1. save up extra Cash:
( we don't do credit, and have no debt, so this one is important)
There will be all kinds of uncovered moving cost, like the $$$ To fix a gas gauge so that we could ship our van or the extra $$$$ to ship the second car. The dislocation allowance has never covered it all.

2. Make shipping and transportation arrangements early:
Look ahead, as soon as you get your orders. Get out the calendar and pick your dates: shipping, transportation, and clearing housing. The earlier you make these calls the better the chance of getting dates that work for you! Give yourself plenty of time so you are not rushed.

3. Take videos or pictures of ALL your goods:
Yes movers will give you a Bill of Laden, but they don't note true condition or working of items. Your pictures may prove wether they are at fault for damage... And it happens. Keeps this with the important papers that you will carry on your person, to your destination.

4. Get copies of medical and dental records:
Yes, you can have copies made of your military medical records ( this is important espsealiy if you have any chronic conditions) they don't like to make copies though, it maens extra work, and they will have to be requested in advanced. You can also use your orders to get the originals released. Try to get minor children into the dentist for one final cleaning, that way you don't have to feel pressure to seek out a new dentist as soon as move.

5. DeClutter and DeJunk:
You will be astonished to see how much ( Stuff) you will have aquired since the last move. if you haven't used it or needed it in the last year or if it is still in the box since the last move, goodwill it or moms list it. ( of course this doesn't apply to sentimental items).

6. ( OCONUS ) and Pets:
Some moves may require , certain protocols when it comes to pets. For example Hawaii is rabies free. Your animal records will have to show three consecutive rabies vaccinations and a test 120 days pier to arrival or you may have to pay for an extended quarantine, which cost $$ a day! Find out what Fido needs to travel and get him into the vet, makes sure to carry copies of vet records in with your important carry papers.

7. Important Carry Papers:
Bug playing in her Box
Start gathering and organizing important papers : I.D.s, driver license, Birth Certifcates, Social Security Cards, Marriage certificates, Military Orders ( make sure traveling Dependates are listed), Medical Records, Vehical Titles, Death Certificates, Insurance Papers. these Papers should NEVER be Packed, They should be hand Carried during your travel!