Friday, September 25, 2009

Soldier commits Vehicular homicide of Chicken

Soldier commits Vehicular homicide...of Chicken....I just lost my first chicken, but not to the usual chicken foes but, to a soldier driving a bit to fast...( by evidence of how long he had to lock-it-up to stop...of course the long peel of tires screaming brought both kids tearing out of the house to see what was going on ( of course they were still in there jammies ( so that I would look like a wonderful mother)...the dog followed the kids. So said soldier and soldier buddy are staring at chicken watching it die ...and if you have ever heard the rumors. of how chickens hold on to the last, with great theatrics...I 'm here to report that yes even when struck by small foreign cars at high velocities...chicken still depart with drama!..... After a death scene that would leave Shakespeare proud, the poor soldier was visibly grieved, stammering his ...sorrys and I didn't see hers ...Until my Daughter (princess that she is) says .." that's, okay we can eat her for dinner! " Then picks up said chicken by broken neck ( which stretches out farther than you could imagine) and runs off around the house with it. I thought the guy was gonna throw-up, he turns all green lookin' and says "oh God" his friend claps him on the back and says; come on man I'll drive.. then they high-tailed it back to their car. So........Nice .....Only in Kentucky

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